Your Food or Baby Food?

We’ve drastically cut back on baby food. I had mentioned that we were thinking about getting a processor to make our own baby food for our little girl. Instead we’ve been using a mix of store bought baby food along with our own meals to feed her (we’re still breastfeeding too). baby food

Family Dinners Together

Basically we started introducing vegetables and fruits with the baby food from the stores. We checked out the labels to make sure we were buying items that had no additives (besides water). It was a simple process – every 2-3 days she tried something new. After we found out that she enjoys most foods we then began sharing small portions of our meals that we have at home.

We’re careful to make sure she doesn’t eat certain food yet (such as honey). However we wanted to introduce her to different flavors as quickly as she could take and enjoy. Something surprising for us was that she really likes food with a kick. Hot foods are not her thing, but she prefers having a little bit of heat.

When we go on trips we pick up a couple of jars of baby food as back up in case a relative makes something she can’t or won’t eat. Last time we went up for a visit, though, she had a wonderful time munching on a variety of dishes. her favorites are steamed vegetables cut into finger sized bites. She loves to feed herself (or at least try). Plus having her eat meals with us is just more fun. We tend to catch-up on the day with each other and she likes to chime in.

Thoughts on Meals with Babies

For parents that have gone through the process, how did you introduce foods? How did you go from pureed foods to bitty bite sized foods? Does your little one (under 2) eat with you or do you feed him/her at a different time?

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