Washing the Grit Off of Spinach

One hassle for eating fresh produce is getting the grit off of the leaves. It can ruin a great meal and it can be a turn off to kids. The good news is that you can get your leafy greens like spinach cleaned fairly quickly. It’s simple enough that you may want your kid to lend a hand with it next time you get some ready for a meal. It’s a great way for them to be a part of meal time and it could encourage them to eat more vegetables.

How to Wash Spinach

Thanks to the newsletters for The Produce Box members I’ve found an easy way to get those leafy greens properly cleaned.  cleaning fresh spinach

  • Fill your kitchen sink with water.
  • Take the whole head of spinach leaves in one hand.
  • In a firm, all at once motion, twist off the stems with the other hand.
  • Dump leaves into the sink and, while the spinach is cleaning itself, pluck off the remaining stems.
  • The spinach leaves will float on top of the water. Any dirt, grit or sand will sink to the bottom.
  • Skim the spinach leaves off the water into a colander and let the dirty water out of the sink.
  • Repeat the process two more times.

I hope that helps you and your family enjoy your fresh produce more. Don’t forget to wash your spinach before you use it – you don’t want wet leaves in the fridge. If you’re not familiar with how to store spinach, please keep these things in mind:

  • Wrap greens in dry paper towels.
  • Place inside an open plastic bag and place in the crisper drawer.
  • Change towels if they become wet (damp is ok).
Thanks again to The Produce Box for having these handy tips available. If you live in North Carolina, check out their site, they may be delivering in your area!
Photo Credit:  ted_major