Tips to Help the Desktop Diner

Rushing Your Lunch at the Office?

After last week’s post on improving on my snacking habits, I thought it would be helpful to continue on with other common food habits that can sabotage our eating goals. This week I want to share one of my biggest challenges when I worked at the office – eating at my desk. Even if I had an hour to eat my lunch, just staying at my desk sped me up with with eating.

phillysteak at the office
Are you a desktop diner?

Tips to Becoming a Mindful Eater at the Office

Mindles Eating by Brian Wansink offered some practical tips based on food lab studies that I wanted to share and offer my personal observations and comments on:

  • Include more water in your routine. I’m not a water fan. I can’t just drink water, but I’ve been able to adjust my routine. Swapping water instead of soda, coffee, or tea throughout the day can help. Cutting back even 1 soda can (approximately 140 calories) a day can save you from gaining 14lbs a year.
  • Brown bag your lunch more. Wansink isn’t suggesting that people just brown bag all their lunches, he’s encouraging a tweak, an adjustment.
  • Keep healthy options nearby. Admit it – one reason we grab stuff from the vending machine is its convenience. Keeping healthy options in the fridge can make a big difference. A favorite snack of mine? Frozen grapes. My friend told me about it and I love it. It’s the perfect bite size snack.

Wansink has a few tips, but I wanted to highlight my favorites from the list. I can honestly say that having a cold cup of water with my meals has been great. I didn’t realize that some of the hunger I felt was actually thirst.

Thoughts on Munching at the Office

I’d love to get your feedback on this topic.  How do you keep from just grabbing something quick around the office? What has been the hardest to adjust? What has been the easiest?

Photo Credit: star5112