The Best of Married Food

It’s been an exciting year here on Married Food. We’re now on Google Currents, so you can catch up on our latest posts with your tablet or other mobile device.

As a way to wind down and reflect, I wanted to share of the more popular posts from 2011:eat meals slower

Global Tastes

We wanted to share culture behind global cuisine and have some overviews about certain dishes. Wojo has done an impressive job with some Polish dishes and cooking tips.

Food For Thought

A topic that interests me is how food is psychology and marketing are involves with our food choices nowadays. I shared some tips I’ve picked up about improving eating habits without stress.

Munch and Money

For many people if they can finding affordable and delicious food, they’ll support it. We’ve included tips on how to manage and optimize your grocery bills to keep your food budget in control.

Cooking Tips and Tricks

Something that I enjoy learning from my friends is tricks on saving time in the kitchen. Married Food is about making people feel comfortable in the kitchen which can help them to make better choices.

Thoughts on Married Food

I also want to thank Wojo for sharing some wonderfully written posts here. His passion for cooking is really reflected in all of his articles. I’m fortunate that he’s been with Married Food since its launch  and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

I also want to thank all of you for joining us. Which are your favorite Married Food posts from the past year?