Testing and Making Small Batches of Beers

brooklyn brew shop beer kit

So we’ve been brewing quite a bit since we got started. I just finished a batch of Smoked Wheat last week and this past Saturday we went ahead and bottle our first batch, a Maple Brown Ale. Maybe you’re interested in getting started with home brewing, but perhaps you don’t want to jump all in and put that much money down. There is another option that may work well for your budget.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Kits

Besides getting the equipment to make 5 gallon batches, I also got a small all grain equipment kit from Brooklyn Brewshop that allowed us to brew an all grain recipe quickly and easily.It’s $40 (free shipping with my amazon Prime account) and the kit includes most of what we needed for the brew, with the exception of 4 chestnuts, a funnel, strainer, honey, and a brewpot.

We had picked up a funnel and strainer at the store and already had the pot and the honey at home. (Alas chestnuts were nowhere to be found. )brooklyn brew shop beer kit

  • beer making mix (grain, hops, and yeast)
  • 1 gallon glass fermenter
  • chambered airlock
  • glass thermometer
  • racking cane,
  • tubing, tubing clamp
  • screw cap stopper
  • packet of sanitizer

The kit is usable so you can simply order another mix bag from them or you can go to your local brew supply shop and assemble your own ingredients. I think it’s an affordable to get started and it is easy to prepare. If you want to simply get the recipe kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop, it’s $15 and it comes with the grain, hops, and yeast that you need.

If you’re more handy with recipes, you can use all grain recipes that are available online and go to a local brewing shop to get your supplies. Either way, using the kit is a lot of fun, very easy to store, and very affordable. I’ve been using it both with my husband and by myself. One gallon brews are much lighter to move around than the buckets we use for the 5 gallon brews.

Thoughts on Small Batch Brewing

How many of you have used Brooklyn Brew Shop’s kit for brewing? What are your thoughts on it?