Giving Back & Sustainable Food in 2012

One of the goals of Married Food is to increase awareness about sustainable food.  So for 2012, Married Food will be highlighting projects that can make a dramatic difference in people’s lives. Every other Sunday, I’ll share some ideas and projects that need help. Some for them will be locally based while others will be global.

giving back and charity

Married Food’s 2012 Giving More Project

With so many great charities I want to focus on 3 that are important to me. I think having a passion for a cause can help you to have a bigger impact. It took a bit of time, but here are the ones I chose:

Feeding America

Having a site about food connecting families, I think that writing about Feeding America is a great fit. The economy has had a huge effect on people’s food budgets. I think that having food on the table is more than just a physical necessity, but a way to connect families emotionally. As parents we understand that providing for your family is a priority and it be emotionally devastating if you’re having a hard time with that.

Feeding America has a network with of over 200 local food banks. Every dollar donated can provide 8 meals; I think that’s a great bargain. I’m starting off the new series this Sunday with some options on how you can give and just with money.


We all need water to live.  Safe, clean drinking water should be available all around the world. What’s wonderful about Charity: Water is that 100% of donations go towards the water projects.

This is a charity that lives up to its name; you choose which classroom projects you’d like to support. I’ll be highlighting classroom projects that help children learn about the importance of good nutrition, sustainable farming, and culinary skills.

My mom’s a teacher, so I’ve seen personally how investing in meaningful education can lead to big dividends. These students can help their families and communities adopt better eating habits.

Thoughts on Giving Back

I hope you check out the projects out as I post about them and support the ones that speak to you. I’d also appreciate it if you could perhaps share these posts on Twitter and Facebook – perhaps you can help a friend or family member find a charitable project that can support.

What are some food related projects that you contribute to? I’d like to highlight some to them here on the site.

Photo Credit: HowardLake