Slow It Down! Enjoying a Meal

Multitasking is Not Good for Eating

I’ve heard from my parents that you are what you eat. I’m learning, though, that how you eat also has a big impact on you.

When you focused on more than one thing, you’re a multitasker, productive, and a wizard. Hwoever is that what you need when you’re eating meal? Not according to studies.

  • 62% Sometimes/often too busy to sit down and eat
  • 35% Eat their lunch at their desk while working

What problems can that leat meals sloweread to? Typically people will overeat and that can lead to weight gain. I can also add to your stress as you rush through your meal to get back to work.

4 Reasons to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Meals

Looking for concrete reasons to slow down with your next meal? Here are four great ones:

  1. Better Digestion: Make it easier on yourself by taking your time and fully chewing your meal instead of wolfing it down.
  2. Easier to Watch Your Calories: Eating too quickly can increase the calories you intake before your body feels full. Take your time and cut the calories. If you eat 140 calories less each day, that can add to 14lbs/year.
  3. More Enjoyable Meals: If you have a great meal in front of you, it’s more enjoyable if you’re taking your time. However, if you have a not so good meal, you’ll quickly be encouraged to switch up your food choices. Maybe that will encourage you to make your own healthier meals.
  4. Be More Aware of Your Food: Taking a moment to examine your food can help you become more aware of the connection of farm to your fork.

Thoughts on Enjoying a Meal

I admit that I do sometimes rush through meals when I have a full schedule. I’m learning, though, that it’s better to slow down and enjoy not just my meal, but the rest of the day.

Looking for more information? You may want to check out the Slow Food movement. It has a ton of information, stories, and tips.

How about you? Do you rush through meals or do you like to slow it down and enjoy them?

Photo Credit: Salim Virji