Sign Up for The Produce Box This Season

The season is about to begin and if you’re in North Carolina, I highly recommend you check to see if The Produce Box is delivering in your area. They’re starting deliveries the week of April 18th and they’re taking new members now.

Save Money, Eat Better, and Partner with Local Farmers

For those not familair with community supported agriculture, when you sign up you’re shareholder or member that has a economic relationship with a local farmer or farms. The Produce Box works to connect North Carolina farmers with local consumers. It’s a wonderful way to get fresh food in a sustainable manner. It’s even delivered right to your door, making it incredibly convenient.

We saved some money going with The Produce Box last season. For $22/week we have our sides covered for the week and sometimes our entire meal as we have been having more vegetarian dishes.

Here’s what we received one week last season:  the produce box delivery

  • Personal Watermelon
  • Roma Tomatoes (5-7)
  • Blueberries (1 pint)
  • Sweet Pepper Mix
  • Corn (six ears)
  • Cucumbers (3)
  • Red Potatoes ( 2 quarts)

Our box was pretty much full the entire season. We had friends over for meals to help us finish our boxes, another bonus in my book.

How The Produce Box Works

what really appealed to me when we were looking around was how easy it was to sign up and become a member. The Produce Box has a small enrollment fee annually ($18 this season) and then you pay weekly. How it worked last season for us:

  • On Fridays we received an email with a list of options for boxes of produce along with news and information about the farmers and member events. There’s a default box that has a variety of items and there are other , typically themed boxes (like all organic, salad box, salsa box, etc).
  • We placed your order (or skip the week) by Sunday evening through their website.  We also had the option to add on specialty items or extra produce. (If you don’t skip or decide on other box, you’ll be sent the default box for the week.) This year the weekly default is $23 (price include sales tax and the cost of delivery).
  • We received our box on Thursdays (deliveries are made Wednesdays and Thursdays). Included with our deliveries were the member newsletters full of tips and recipes for the produce we received.

We loved the system and had no problems when we decided to skip a couples of weeks. Out of the whole season, we had one item that need to be replaced and it was automatically done for us.

Thoughts on This Season’s Food Plans

I’d love to hear what you have planned for this upcoming season. Are you participating in CSA in your area? Do you plan on growing a home garden?