Countdown to Baby: Preparing and Freezing Meals

My husband and I are expecting our first baby next month and we’re trying to prepare for arrival as best as we can. One suggestion we’ve heard from friends and family is to have some meals already prepared and frozen for those rough days where we’ll lack the energy to get something fresh ready.

Taking that advice to heart, our plan this upcoming weekend is to do some batch cooking and get some meals out of the way. Since we know other friends and bloggers are expecting little ones this year I’d thought it would helpful to include the process we’re using to come up with our list. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips for your familyeasy meal for parents

Meal Planning

How many meals do you need while you’re recuperating? That varies family to family. For us, we have a few things to consider:

Family Support

For the first two weeks we’ll have family over to help out with meals and adjusting to the baby. Not only is that an opportunity to bond (or drive us crazy!), it’ll also relieve some stress for my husband and I in terms of cooking. It’ll be nice to have some home-cooking from our moms and we don’t even have to wash the dishes!

If you have family and friends offer support or ask if there is anything you need, please speak up and mention meals. It can make a big difference if you can catch some extra time for a nap because you don’t have to cook.

Freezer Space

I’m also considering our freezer space, so we won’t be having a ton of frozen meals packed away. Instead we’re looking at cooking a batch and splitting it into 2 or 3 meal portions for storage flexibility.

Easy Recipes

I’ll need my husband’s help to get it done Saturday and since he’s not a big cook, I’m looking at one pot recipes that are easy to set up.

Shopping Ahead of Time

Since we’re looking for easy meals to prepare, we’re keeping the grocery shopping to a minimum. We want to get some staples that can be used for several dishes and would taste well even if frozen.

Possible Meal Choices

After going over what we like, what’s easy to prepare, and what should taste good once it’s warmed up, here’s our rough draft list of meals we’ll be preparing:

  • Three-Cheese Baked Spaghetti
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Burritos
  • Shepard’s Pie
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Mini Pizzas

It’s basically a list of comfort foods. We’ll be busy this weekend and I’ll update later on the site the taste results of our meals once the baby arrives. 🙂 As well as the frozen foods, we’ll also be stocking up on some items so we can stir-frys and curries. They’re incredibly easy to make and a great way to fill up on vegetables.

Thoughts on Meal Plans for Baby’s Arrival

For all those parenting veterans, how did you prepare ahead of time for your meals? Which ones worked the best? Which ones didn’t work as planned? If you’re curious about how we’re preparing for the baby’s arrival with our finances, check out my baby expenses series on Couple Money!

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