Plans for Our CSA Produce This Season

After really enjoying becoming members of The Produce Box last season, we decided to sign up again. We paid our seasonal enrollment fee of $18 and we’re look forward for the season to start some time in April.

While we definitely got quite a lot of value with the membershiplast year, I think we could do a better job with using our produce more creatively.  We don’t want to waste of any of the food, so we’ve came up with some plans on being effective and efficient with our food spending.

fresh produce CSA
Excited about the upcoming season with The Produce Box!

Develop a Weekly Meal Plan

Every Friday we received an email with a listing of the different boxes available for order with the upcoming week. We based many of our decisions last season on trying new items, which I do believe is a great goal to have. However, it also meant that we had times when we couldn’t use all the produce within that week or two.

To cut back on waste, we’re going to look at the options available, come up with a rough meal plan for the week, and order accordingly. Besides having us use up the produce first, we can also reduce shopping trips for non-essentials due to lack of planning.

Learn More Recipes

Keeping up with deliveries was a bit difficult last season at times due to not knowing how to prepare some of the box’s contents. To alleviate that I’m making it a goal of trying out recipes from the inserts for the items we have cooked with before. The weekly newsletters we receive are a valuable resources, but I’m embarrassed to say we didn’t use it as well as we could have before.

I’m also encouraging my husband to try to learn a few recipes as well – he takes care of weekend meals and I think The Produce Box has plenty of options for him.

Time to Learn to Store Better

We had some food spoil last year due to improper storage and lack of organization. We had some weeks of overflow that we just packed the fridge. Even when we skipped a week, the extra food wasn’t being used quickly enough. We’ll work harder to properly store the food and maybe get some canning in.

I think it would also be helpful to include the storage tips I learn here on Married Food. Hopefully you can also share your tricks to making food last longer.

Have Produce Parties

When all else fails, I think we’ll be having a few produce parties at our place for friends and family. It’ll be great to have loved ones over and save some money from not eating out.

Thoughts on Weekly Produce

How many of you have signed up for CSA deliveries? How will you be maximizing it this season?

Photo Credit:  moon angel