Peer Pressure and Food Habits

More Fun, More Food?

Do you find yourself grabbing a few helping when hanging out with family and friends? Have you noticed that your eating out bills increase drastically when you go out with friends?

family dinner peer pressure
Watch how you eat with loved ones - you could trim your waistline.

When I get together with loved ones, I’m guilty of this. Besides the good cooking, I also keep eating as I’m catching up on the latest news. It’s quite for us to lose track of time.

Tips on How to Resist Peer Pressure with Eating Out

If you’re looking for some help, here are a few tips:

  • Find the slowest eater and try to match their pace. It’s not a race, so don’t try to finish first. Enjoy your meal and the company instead by pacing yourself.
  • Don’t clean your plate. Leaving just a bit of food on your plate can help you resist a well intentioned friend’s offer of another helping.
  • Eat a bit before you meet up. Grab a snack with protein and then join your friends at the restaurant. Save money and your waistline by ordering an appetizer during dinner.
  • Join the table a little bit later. If you think you can’t fight the temptation to eat less, then go ahead and meet up with friends for dessert.
While these tips don’t seem earth shattering they can help you cut down a bit when you eat out. Small changes are more likely to keep you on track than bigger, but unsustainable changes.

Thoughts on Eating with Friends

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your eating habits with loved ones.  Have you noticed that you eat more with your friends or can you keep yourself on target?

Do you and your friends have similar eating habits? What tips do you have on keeping your meal portion reasonable when hanging with friends?

Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt