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Married Food – Good Food is Better Together

Thanks for visiting Married Food! We’re excited about sharing our love for food with others and learning from one another.  Topics we’ll cover include, but aren’t limited to: pasta and vegetables

  • Cooking Tips & Tricks: Something that I enjoy learning from my friends is tricks on saving time in the kitchen. I truly believe that making people feel comfortable in the kitchen helps them to make better choices.
  • Family and Health: Food has an impressive effect on our health and we want to address topics that affect us. We won’t talk much about specific diets you should or shouldn’t do, but rather look at the components to a balanced and reasonable diet.
  • Favorite Bites: Do you have a favorite restaurant, CSA program, or local chef? We’ll share ours and I hope you submit your own picks.
  • Food for Thought: A topic that interest me is how food is psychology and marketing are involves with our food choices nowadays. We’ll look at how we can take external cues and improve our diets.
  • Global Tastes: We want to share culture behind global cuisine and have some overviews about certain cuisines.
  • Munch and Money: For many people if they can finding affordable and delicious food, they’ll support it. We’ll include tips on how to manage and optimize your grocery bills to keep your food budget in control.
  • Recipes: Please feel free to submit and share your favorite recipes.
  • Sustainable Food: From the farm to your plate, we want discuss locally sourced food and viable options for couples and families.

Married Food is more focused as food & lifestyle blog rather than having just quick and easy recipe site. It’ll grow as we get your ideas on it.

Married Food Contributors

Since I believe enjoying food is enhanced with others, I asked around to see if there were any like minded bloggers for the site. I was grateful to have some step up and offer their expertise.

  • Elle: That would be me 🙂 My husband and I are like most people – we wanted to eat better, but we needed to find a way to incorporate our personal habits. We started switching our diet to less processed options and found that not only did we get healthier, but we enjoyed food more. I’ll share reviews, tips, and books that have helped us make the transition. I also write over at Couple Money and discuss balancing family and finances.
  • Wojo: A food fan, Wojo told me he loves sharing his kitchen knowledge with his friends. He also has many global dishes at his home and he’s a fan of Top chef.  He’s also a writer at Fiscal Fizzle where he discusses personal finance.
  • Kay Lynn: She’s a busy grandmother of six and mother of five children who appreciate sharing practical and time saving tips. In addition to writing here, she also write about preparing for retirement at Bucksome Boomer.
  • Audrey: She’s the voice behind Wifey of a Roadie, one of my favorite blogs on travel and more. She adds her unique take as she travels around the world. Do you eat on the go a lot? I think you’ll enjoy M’s recommendations and tips.

What I’m excited about is the diversity of interest and skill levels with all the contributors here on the site. With 3 of us also writing about personal finance I also think you’ll see plenty of financially practical tips to help you find good food for your family.

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We look forward to getting know you!