Making Breakfast Your Meal

When I was pregnant I made a real effort to eating breakfast as part of my routine. Besides the benefits for myself, having a solid breakfast was good for the baby. It was a good habit to develop and I work hard to keep it as I’m balancing life with our baby girl.

I think my biggest problem before was finding a quick breakfast that could satisfy my hunger without taking a lot of time to make. I might have 20 minutes in the morning to get something to eat and admittingly making breakfast just doesn’t seem that appealing (the coffee hasn’t energized me yet).

Breakfast on the Weekdays enjoy a big breakfast

I’m happy to say I’ve found a few options for my mornings. They are quick (10 minutes or less) and they taste good, an important factor for me. Here are my typical breakfast choices:

  • Low fat yogurt with Kashi Go Lean
  • Oatmeal
  • Leftovers from Dinner
  • Cheese Danish

Yes the danish wasn’t a healthy option, but come on – it’s good 🙂 Fortunately I mainly ate the first 3 choices.

Since I know we all have different tastes, some are more options if you’re pressed for time, but want a healthy breakfast:

  • Whole grain toast with peanut butter
  • Hard boiled egg and banana
  • Wholegrain English muffin with egg and cheese
  • Bran muffin
  • Bowl of cereal with some fruit included
Find something that works for you. You’re more likely to have breakfast if it’s something you enjoy. Play around and see what works best.

Weekend Breakfast

Since we’re not in a rush on the weekends, we tend to relax and make a big breakfast. Some of our favorites include:

  • Omelet with bacon or sausage on the side along with toast and butter
  • Waffles with bacon or sausage on the side
  • Cinnamon pancakes with some bacon

None of our meals are fancy, but they certainly are filling. My husband is our family barista and prepares lattes and cappuccinos. I’ll sometimes have the baby in her swing watching- the smells, sounds, and actions are entertaining to her and they keep her from fussing. We then just sit down and enjoy the meal all together.

If you can’t get together regularly for a family dinner, then consider having a weekend family breakfast routine where you sit around the table and just talk with one another – no television or distractions.

Thoughts on Breakfast

How many of you eat breakfast regularly? What’s your go to meal in a crunch? What do you like to eat when you have some time to spare?

Photo Credit: oosp