Introducing Foods to Our Baby Girl

I made an extra effort while I was pregnant to eat healthier. When we had our baby girl we wanted to make sure that she’d get healthy options for feeding when it came time to try out solid foods with her.

I enjoyed Wojo’s post on making your own baby food. After talking it over with my husband we wanted to go that route with our daughter. The plan was to get a food processor that could handle it and slowly introduce new foods to her. introducing baby food

Signs That Our Little One was Ready to Try Solids

Unexpectedly our baby girl decided that she wanted to try out food sooner rather than later.  There were a couple signs we noticed as she grew:

  • She had good neck support.
  • She outgrew her tongue thrust reflex.
  • She became curious about food. It seemed to happen overnight – she went from no interest in our food to trying to reach for everything on my plate.

Once we noticed that she was consistent with these new developments we started some some easy solids. Of course check with your own pediatrician to see if your baby is ready for solids.

Starting With Rice Cereal

After speaking with her pediatrician, we discussed some options on what her first food should be. Rice cereal is commonly mentioned because babies are less likely to have an allergic reaction with it.

Our baby’s doctor recommended branching out from cereal and move to vegetables and fruits which have more nutritional content. Though she’s getting what she needs with breast feeding, expanding her palette with wholesome foods is preferred.

Showing Her the Veggies

We decided that we’d hold off on fruits for a little bit until we got her comfortable with the tastes of vegetables. I’m happy to say that so far she’s eaten every vegetable we gave to her. Her favorites seem to be carrots and sweet peas. She seems to eat green beans out of obligation, she’s not as happy as when she’s munching on the others. I think that’s funny as I love green beans.

If you have any suggestions on other vegetables to try I’d love to hear about it. The plan is to let her taste what we’re eating, just on her level (puree). Our hope is that she’ll enjoy a variety of foods.

Thoughts on Introducing Baby Foods

One of my goals this month is to get a food processor so we can start making our own baby food. If you have an recommendations, please email me or leave comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories. What foods did you introduce to your baby at first? Which ones did they like? Which ones didn’t they enjoy?

Photo Credit:  lovelihood