How to Shop for the Best Appliances for Your Kitchen

On our to do list this week is picking up a new filter for our refrigerator. We’ve had it for 2 years and it’s been working fine, so we have no needs to pick up another. However, I know that some Married Food readers do plan on replacing their appliances, so I wanted to share a few shopping tips on getting the best deal on kitchen appliances.

Get a Deal on Your Next Kitchen Appliance shopping for a refrigerator

Don’t wait until your appliance completely breaks down before you save up for the replacement. Set aside just a little bit of money every month, that way you can take advantage of deals when they become available. Cash can be a great way to get a discount in some stores.

Scratch and Dent Sales

If you want to get a top of the line model, but don’t have the cash for it, you may want to try out scratch and dent models. Some wrote to me how they save 40% on their refrigerator because of the same blemish. They still qualified to get the manufacturer’s warranty. Darwin was able to get a $2800 refrigerator for $1050 by going with the floor model.

 Membership Discounts

Before buying, ask if the sales representative if the store offers discounts to military members, AAA card carriers, or other memberships. It doesn’t hurt to check and it could get you an additional 5-10% off.

Use Mail-In Rebates

Take advantage of rebates offered to get save even more money. Send it out within the first 3 days of buying the item or you’re likely to forget it and lose the money.

Finding Reliable Appliances

Since most major appliance costs quite a bit of money, it pays to take the time to find the best value for your hard earned cash. One very helpful resource is Consumer Reports. You can get a subscription to their magazine with bonus buying guides included or you can get a subscription to their highly useful online site.

Use them not only to find the best value now, but also check to see if the manufacturer has a reputation for providing reliable products that hardly break down.

More Ways to Save

By the way, besides their site, you can also pick up some great apps through them for a variety of items, including:.

  • Mobile Shopper 2012 ($4.99/year) – Get instant access to Consumer Report ratings and reviews on electronics, appliances, and other products. You can also see if the product you’re looking at is considered a reliable model.
  • Babies & Kids ($.99/year) – Parents and family can double check to make sure their purchases for the little ones in their life are safe.
  • Safety News & Recalls (Free) – See if there has been a recall on items that you’ve already purchased and get some peace of mind.
  • Eco-Labels ($.99) – Don’t become confused by the jargon; find out if eco-products do the job or if it’s just hype.
  • Hospital Ratings ($2.99 on iTunes) – Before checking in to a hospital, see how other patients review their stay, check hospital stats, and get a second opinion on patient care.

Thoughts on Appliance Hunting

I hope these tips can save you some money when you make your next appliance purchase. How many of you are planning on replacing your appliances? How long have you had your current ones? Do you tend to save up and buy or do you pay by installments?

Photo Credit: Jo Bourne