Having Fun with Food and Kids

I’ve started to enjoy cooking meals at home over the last few years as I’ve learned more about how to prepare meals. My husband has also had their ‘awakening’ as he discovers the grill and the crockpot. However I’ve suddenly noticed a huge shift in my interest with food and it’s due to one person – my baby girl.

kids cooking in kitchen

Babies and Kids in the Kitchen

She’s now at the stage of trying new foods and I’ve found the kitchen to be an incredible way for us to connect. While she’s in her high chair watching what’s going on, I try to include her by letting her touch the food (which promptly goes to her mouth) and taste what I’m making. She gets excited about EVERYTHING. The faces she makes just trying something new is more than worth cleaning up the mess.

As she gets older we’ll do our best to include her with meal preparation. Maybe we can encourage her to pick up some cooking tricks from a few of our friends 🙂

Baking and Breaking Bread Together

I’m not the only one that enjoys it, Jaimie Franchi of Two Chicks and a Hen has been sharing tips on how to include your kids in the kitchen and some of the benefits. Some of my favorite bonuses of having your kids help out include:

  • Time Together/Teamwork: I think is most important because you’re working together on a project.
  • Promoting Healthy Eating: Having kids assist can let them take ownership of the meal and make them more likely to eat the healthier they’ve prepared.
  • Self-Esteem: While keeping a watchful is vital, kids get to explore and do an assignment by themselves.
I also agree with Wojo that establishing family rules when it comes to meals can enrich the time spent together.

Thoughts on Kids and Food

When did you start including your kids in the meals? What have been some of your favorite memories of your family cooking together?

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