The Best Non-Stick I’ve Ever Owned

When my Mom first turned me onto the new Green Pan craze, I have to admit I was very skeptical. I had been cooking with aluminum and Teflon pans for years, was relatively happy with the performance I was getting, and something new and novel seemed like a concept that would be…well, a flash in the pan.

Boy, was I wrong. I received three of these pans as a gift last Christmas and they’ve made a huge impact in my kitchen. Meals are easier to prepare, clean-up is a breeze, and I’m confident that the food I’m serving my family is safer. My old Teflon pans have been moved to the garage, as I haven’t had the need to touch them in 6 months.

Some of the benefits Green Pan claims to have include:

  • Heat resistant to a higher level than traditional PTFE (Teflon) pans, which means no off-gassing into your cooked food.
  • The heat resistance to 850 degrees also makes them usable in the oven.
  • Made with minerals, not plastics, and using less energy and more recycled products.
  • Better conductivity than traditional pans, resulting in more even cooking.

So how does it actually perform? After 6 months of using Green Pan at home, here are some conclusions I can draw about the behavior of Green Pans:

  • Properly seasoned, I can’t get anything to stick to these pans. I’ve burned my fair share of everything on both the pots and pans by accident, and even left stuck-on food for a day or two (I’m not great at clean-up, okay?). Everything comes off with the wipe of a sponge as if by magic.
  • The seasoning process took 10 minutes and I haven’t had to re-season since (even after washing), unless I decide to run my pots through the dishwasher (over my dead body).
  • My Green Pans get noticeably hotter than any other pan I own (with the exception of my wok), which means I can use lower heat to get the same effect, or really crank things up for a good sear. Getting hot takes a bit longer than I’m used to, but the pan holds heat very well and keeps a stable temperature even as the electric stove cycles on and off.
  • Cooking is even and consistent. Stuff in the center doesn’t get burnt while the rest of my food stays cold.
  • Some discoloration on the bottom of the pan has developed through consistent use. However, the cooking surface is still pristine after nearly 6 months with decent care not to use anything metal inside the pans.

If you’re tired of your non-sticks (or you want a pan that’s more environmentally friendly), I would definitely look into the Green Pan as a good alternative, and a great performer.

Photo by IndyDina with Mr. Wonderful