Good Food Can Be Affordable

Our Food Budget

fresh produce peaches on grill
We enjoyed some great peaches this past season!

One of our goals as a family is to improve our eating habits. However fear almost kept us from  following through on our goal. One misconception we had about improving our food options was the high cost associated with better food. When we first started we worried as we noticed that our food costs went up as we were getting better at our food selection.

Last year we were looking at CSA as something to help us, but many of the programs require huge upfront payments. If you look at the length of the season subscribers usually came out ahead if they used everything. The problem was we didn;t want to make a huge commitment to something we were so sure about.

Would we use all the food or would some of it be wasted? We were a family of two (on our way to three) so some of the portions didn’t seem like it would work for our personal circumstances.

I was about to quite when I noticed a program that  would allow us to pay weekly, we used or didn’t use it. We still had a variety of option for our food boxes and it would be delivered to our front doors. I told my husband about it and we decided to try it out.

Using The Produce Box

The good news is that we saved some money going with The Produce Box this past season. For $22/week we have our sides covered for the week and sometimes our entire meal as we have been having a few vegetarian dishes.

I see next season’s orders as being a bigger savings to us as we’re improving in our culinary skills and learning how to store certain vegetables properly. We’ve lost a bit of food from poor storage and lack of creativity with meals.
An unexpected savings also came from less trips to the store. Like many people, we’ve been guilty of picking up a few extra items whenever we go shopping. Nothing insane, but if you add it up over several shopping tips you can see the impact to our budget.

Thoughts on Affordable Quality Food

Good quality isn’t dirt cheap, but it can definitely be affordable. With a little bit of effort in the kitchen you can improve your health, local economy, and family time. If you’re skeptical about healthy meals on a fixed budget I have a link for you. Daily Spark has a great series of photos that show what $20 and less can get you with fast food and what healthier options you can get for the same price.

I’d love to hear from you about affordable food. How have you managed to keep your food budget in check while improving the quality of your meals?

Photo Credit: mccun934