Buying a Gas Grill

We went ahead and finally picked up a grill. After wanting one for awhile, but never having a space for it, we picked one up last month. I have to say that it’s been great to use with the fresh produce we get along with steak sales we’ve seen recently.

Waiting For a Deal on a Grill 

gas grills
Love to use the gas grill!

We waited until after the summer was over to pick up our grill. We may have missed the most popular time to buy a grill, but we also managed to miss the most expensive time to buy.

Comparing deals at various stores we managed to grab a gas grill over at Wal-Mart that fit our budget and small yard space.

Gas or Charcoal Grill

The age old debate of a gas grill vs charcoal came up with us. Both of us grew up with mainly charcoal cookouts. My father in law is a great with the grill and he’s a charcoal all the way. Charcoal grilling tends to sear the meat quickly and has more flavor.

My mom went with a gas grill for her home and absolutely loves how easy it is to cook and clean with. With her she was looking for something that was easy to maintain.

While we both love the smokey flavor of charcoal, we went ahead and bought a gas grill. We went for a gas based on the convenience factor. It takes a bit of time to get the grill ready with a charcoal and we wanted a quicker option, especially with the baby in the picture.

Thoughts on Grills

I’d love to get your thoughts on grilling at home. Which kind of grill do you use at home – gas or charcoal? How did you decide on which kind you wanted? Do you have any tricks for the gas grill to give it a smoky flavor?

Photo Credit: D’Arcy Norman