Frugal Food Fun – Playing in the Garden

If you’re looking for a way to relieve your stress, get something productive done, and have a good time with the family, having garden is a wonderful project. I never envisioned myself feeling that way, but after doing small garden stuff over the years it’s becoming more and more enjoyable.

I started late this year, but last week I got some work done in our small family garden. I was inspired by the weather. The morning was perfect for my daughter and our cat to hang outside while I worked. Even though she isn’t big enough to offer a hand, it was nice to see her messing around the rosemary and mint. She got to try them and I wish I had taken some pictures of her reaction.


Garden Kit and Other things

Along with our produce order for the week, we also added on a kid’s gardening kit. I know our little one is small, but I think it would be fun to kind of include her in growing some vegetables. My plan is to have her grow up and learn the basics about where food comes from and hopefully it’ll help her to be excited about what we eat.

I plan taking pictures and videos so she can see them when she gets older. It’s kind of nice fun and frugal thing we can do together.

I also got the pots ready for the peppers we’re growing this season and got the weeding done. Even though the home association takes care of the mowing I noticed that the bushes needed some trimming.

Thoughts on Family Gardens

I’m curious to get your feedback. What are you growing in your family garden this season? If you have kids, are they involved in the upkeep? What do they like to do the most (or the least)?

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