Freezer Essentials

Last time I shared some pantry essentials that help us whip up healthy and tasty meals quickly and easily. Today I want to share some of our essentials that we stock in the freezer. We have a side by side model, so space is a bit awkward and limited for the freezer. However for us, it fits our needs.

What to Stock Your Freezer With

With that in mind, if you’re looking for ideas on what to pick up for your freezer here are some of my picks: cook and free meals


For those looking at keeping costs low, grabbing and freezing meat when it’s on sale can be a great savings. Costco usually has some fantastic deals on items like pork chops and ground beef.


Sometimes getting frozen vegetables is the best solution, I tend to keep mixed vegetables bags for stir-fry nights. It’s a really hassle free way to get meal on the table in about 20 minutes and with some herbs and seasonings, it’s usually no leftovers.


With the produce deliveries this year, we’ve had some great weeks where we were overflowing with fresh fruits. Since we couldn’t eat all of it, we saved a portion of the fruit for us later.


Yep, I use the freezer to pack unhealthy but tasty desserts like ice cream. Besides topping it with fruit, you can also make floats or smoothies depending on your preferences.

Emergency Dishes

When I was pregnant we pre-made a few dishes for the first couple of weeks since we knew we’d probably be too tired to make meals from scratch. Having some frozen pre-made meals can be a lifesaver on the really busy evening when you’re both too tired to cook.

Thoughts on Freezer Essentials

What do you like to have in your freezer for preparing meals at home? What can you not live without? Where do you grab your supplies? How often do you restock them?

Photo Credit: armigeress