Eating Healthier While Pregnant

I started this site while I was pregnant. Thought it was hard to keep up with the writing schedule some weeks, it did have benefits. Preparing posts for the site encouraged and motivated me to keep up with my eating habits.

Like many first time moms, I devoured as much information as I could. I wanted to make sure I was eating right for baby and for myself. I did pretty well – I gained weight and had a healthy baby girl and I’ve lost the weight.

healthy pregnancy eating habits

Pregnancy and Weight: The Numbers

You may be curious to see exactly how much weight I gained during the pregnancy and how much I lost.

  • Starting Weight: 136lbs

During my first trimester I had a problem with morning sickness (encompassed the whole day). As I was recovering I got sick again and was dehydrated to the point that the nurse on call suggested we go to the hospital. Fortunately baby was alright and I was back on my feet soon after. I lost weight and dropped to 124lbs.

  • Weight Right Before Birth: 152 lbs

This was my weight recorded 3 days before my baby girl was born.

  • (Relatively) Current Weight: 131lbs

This was done for my 6 week postpartum check up.

Changing Some Bad Eating Habits

While it wasn’t an ordeal to eat better, it did take some time to figure out how I needed to eat right.

I quickly realized that if there were sweet snacks in the house, I would most likely finish them in a couple of days. Not only was I filling up on empty calories, it was also eating up our food budget to replace the goodies. The solution? Cut back on buying them in the first place.

Instead I tried to keep items easily accessible for me to snack on during the day. My favorite was low fat yogurt with some Kashi mixed in.

My unofficial rule for my meals was either make sure my serving of the meal had 50% vegetables or eat the vegetables first before tackling the rest.

Thoughts on Eating while Pregnant

What changes, if any, did you make to your personal eating habits while you were pregnant? Were there any places to eat or food you avoided?

Photo Credit: gabi_menashe