Domino’s Pizza – My Go To Pizza for Delivery

Last night my husband was celebrating with coworkers on a project, so I ordered a pizza for my dinner. When he got home, my husband laughed and asked if Domino’s was now my favorite pizza.

For the last few times, I’ve used them to order for delivery instead of my usual pizza shop. I realized then that I did make a switch and I wanted to share why I did.

Pizza Is Cardboard

I used to eat Dominio’s a bit. They were quick, cheap, and decent. Then I started noticing that their pizza pies were so bland and there were better options. Papa John’s tasted better and Little Caesar was cheaper.

By the time I got to college I either went with the Hot N Ready special or I splurged on Papa John’s when I ordered pizza for a delivery.

It’s one thing to be the cheap option, but they didn’t have pizzas good enough to eat. I stopped ordering Domino’s.

then last year I saw their campaign on how they turned around. It seems like it finally hit them that their pizza was no longer good. The commercials and documentary claimed that they redid their recipe from the crust up.

I still wasn’t convince so we passed on trying it out.

dominos pizza
We tried the new Domino's pizza and like it.

Why Don’t We Just Try It Out

After seeing yet another ad on how Domino’s was improving and shopping at Old Navy where they had a coupon, we were willing to try it. We decided to just go ahead and order a pizza to see if they really changed their recipes. We went online and ordered the 2-medium 2-topping pizzas for $5.99 each deal.

It was a solid price and I was curious to see if the open transparency with the pizza tracker really worked if it was just a stunt.

I admit it was kind of fun to see the progress of how my pizza order was processed, being prepared, and when it went out for delivery.

Within 30 minutes our pizzas were at our door.

Surprisingly Good Pizza

My husband chose a hand tossed pizza with pepperoni and Italian sausage. My pick is a thin crust pizza with pepperoni on the entire pie with 1/2 philly steak and half bacon. I figured you can’t go wrong with bacon, right?

Well I have to say it was good. The crust and sauce were better than before – it was a solid pizza. I don’t think it’ll win against a homemade pizza pie from a solid local shop, but for chain restaurants, it’s a nice choice.

Thoughts on Domino’s

We’re getting the football league together at our place for some games and I’ll call Domino’s for the group to snack on. While I wouldn’t call Domino’s Pizza the greatest pizza of all time, it is certainly an affordable and tasty choice.

What about you? Have you tried their pizzas recently? What did you think?