Creating a Meal for Friends is a Great Gift

As you may have noticed, Married Food is more focused as food & lifestyle blog rather than having just quick and easy recipe site. I think it’s more fun to see food as part of our lives. I completely agree with Wojo’s observation about food drawing people closer.

I didn’t plan on writing about it, but after waking up this morning and still feeling fantastic from last night’s success, I wanted to share an experience this week that shows how a meal can be more than just the food on the plate.

Fantastic Dinner with Friends

ribeye steak dinner

Last night we had some friends over for a dinner with us. They’re in town for this week only so we asked them to join us for a meal. Recently my husband has been working on his grilling skills with steak and we thought it would be wonderful to prepare a steak dinner.

Our dear friends also brought over some things and it made the meal into a feast.

In case you’re curious here’s what we had:

  • Ribeye steak
  • Roasted Veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli) with Olive oil and garlic
  • Salad
  • Hawaiian bread
  • Tiramisu
  • Pinot Noir

I was stuffed by the end of the evening. We’ve had friends over for more casual meals like burgers and hot dogs and they have been incredibly fun. However we our friends coming into town we really wanted to share a special evening with them and catch up with them.

Making It About Connections

With this meal together we changed a bit of our usual habits and I think they made a real difference.

  • No television. We’ve been guilty of this – putting on the TV as background noise. If you don’t have anything interesting to talk about, maybe something on television will start a discussion. Since we hadn’t chatted with our buddies for bit, it really made no sense to have the TV on. There was plenty to talk about and in fact we filled the night with great topics with one another until they had to leave.
  • Put the laptop away. Working from home can be a disadvantage because their is usually a computer nearby. It can be great to share a funny YouTube clip or two with friends, but too many times, we end up passiviely watching instead of engaging with one another.
  • Slow down and enjoy the meal. Sometimes I’m so excited to break out the games and I miss out on the fun of the meal. This time I had no game or movie planned. It was all about our friends and having a great time.

These aren’t change the world insights, but they are wonderfully easy ways to deepen your connections while breaking bread together.

Thoughts Enjoying a Meal with Friends

Everything was delicious and the conversations flowed from one topic to the next. What more can you ask for? I’d love for your to share your stories? What have been the best dinner you’ve had with your loved ones? What was the meal? Besides eating together, what did you do for the rest of the evening?

Photo Credit: naotakem