Be a Better Cook with No Effort

How would you like to improve with your family’s perception of your cooking? How would you like to accomplish that without taking a cooking class? Assuming you can handle basic cooking skills, there are two little psychological trickstable setting for sucess you can do to make your meals seem better and more delicious.  According to Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating, they’re used by restaurants as a way to drum up business and to keep customers returning.

Setting Up the Meal

Don’t just plop your dinner on the table; instead create a relaxing environment. Many sit down restaurants keep the lights soft and the mood mellow. While most of us can convert out dinning area into a five start restaurant, with 15 minutes or effort, we can make dinner seem more appetizing.

Bring out your nice dishes, tablecloth, and glasses once in a while for a special family meal. Bringing out the candles can also enhance the appearance of the food and encourage us to slow down and enjoy the meal instead of just stuffing it.

Menu-ize your Meals

Have you ever noticed how some of the popular restaurants have menus that just make you crave the meals? Have you’ve seen the descriptions and then debated with yourself over which item you’re going to get?

Try incorporating more descriptions with your meals. When it’s your night to cook, let your spouse know that you’re preparing ‘fried shrimp with savory lemon butter and a side of pasta’ instead of  ‘shrimp and pasta’. It may take getting used to, but it encourages you to step it up a notch and your husband or wife will be thinking about it all day.

Don’t know how to find the right words to describe your meal just right? Go ahead, download some restaurant menus, and get inspired.

Thoughts on the Perception of Meals

How about you? Have you’ve done this with your family? What has been their reaction?

Photo Credit: reegmo