Amping Up Leftover Chinese

Yesterday my husband and I were figuring out what we were going to have for dinner. I wanted to grab some sushi at a local spot that we hadn’t been to in the last couple of months. However between the exhaustion of living with a newbornand needing to save money after paying the hospital bill, we decided to enjoy leftovers.

I don’t have a problem with eating leftovers; I just can’t have the exact same thing over the course of several days. Even if its a minor tweak or adding a different side, I have to amp up leftovers.

leftover chinese food
Spice up your chinese food leftovers

Making Leftover Chinese Food Exciting

The food was good when we had it on Friday, but the fried rice was looking a little pathetic come Sunday. There were only a few pieces of the sweet and sour chicken, so I went ahead and fixed it up a bit.

Here are some things you can do to upgrade your leftover Chinese food:

  • Add vegetables: For me, adding some sweet and hot peppers to the fried rice gave it some flavor and texture. I’d also mention that zucchini, asparagus, and snap peas make great additions as well.
  • Add spices: My husband reminded me that we had the garlic chili sauce in the fridge. Two teaspoons added some great heat to the mix. We also have some fresh herbs in our home garden I could’ve used. Cheap and easy? My idea of food fun.
  • Add meat: I usually get the pork fried rice, but it usually seems pretty skimpy on the pork. Adding some pork chops to the fried rice is quick and easy too. You go the seafood route and get some scallops in the mix perhaps some shrimp.

Thoughts on Fixing Up Leftovers

How do you spruce up your Chinese take-out leftovers?
Photo Credit: midorisyu