Advertising Info

Many people are curious to see how this blog is supported. I want to be transparent with readers about advertisements on this site and take some time to explain my advertising policies.

Advertising Goals of Married Food

My goal is still to maintain the resourcefulness of Married Food for my readers, while introducing them to sites, products, and services which may be of interest to them.

Product Posts and Reviews

You can not buy a positive review here at Married Food. I won’t accept money for the review, and I retain complete editorial control over what I write. When you send a review item, you are acknowledging that Married Food will be writing an unbiased review of your product.

If it’s a good product and you send extra copies, then understand that they will be offered to the readers in a giveaway to  reward loyal readers and subscribers. Many of them influencers and bloggers in their communities and that can increase your exposure.

Basically I don’t want to present things to my readers that I don’t think they will be interested in. So if you have a book, article, or product you want to promote, you are free to contact me. If I think my readers would be interested, please feel free to send me a sample or copy. If I think it’s applicable or useful, I will review it or blog about it.

Note: If product return is necessary, then it is your responsibility to include a postage paid return label with tracking.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section of the reviews. I encourage you to get to chat with my readers.  They are a very sharp group and can spread the word if you have a good product.

The review is property of Married Food, though, quoting of the review for your own site is permitted so long as the site is given credit for the quote and not used out of context.

Text Link Ads and Affiliate Programs

My policy is to be clear with text link ads. I do use them occasionally for affiliate programs for products and services that could be very useful to my readers. I work hard on choosing who to work with and I want to maintain the trust of my readers. I occasionally will do reviews that contain affiliate links. The reviews are based on the product or service itself. I include affiliate links for readers who find the review helpful and want to make a purchase.


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