20 Best Food Bloggers You Should Read Now

There are a ton of food blog and bloggers out on the web. Each with its own take on preparing, appreciating, and sharing the best that’s out there. i thought it would be fun to hunt around the web and find the best 20 food blogs.

No biggie, right? LOL, I wish!

There are so many wonderful sites I had to come up with some sort of criteria for the list.

Red Raspberry

Best vs Biggest Food Bloggers

This is not a list of the biggest food bloggers. Rather I based it on a few (subjective) factors:

  • Quality Blog: It all starts with their site. I was looking for passion, a unique perspective, and just inviting.
  • Frequency of Updates: I love bloggers who keep up with the Twitter community.
  • Tweet Quality: I enjoy a mix of post updates, interesting links, and personal insights.
  • Communication Style: I love being able to interact with other bloggers and I look for those who tweet well with others.

I decided I just wanted to have some fun with this list and go with my gut when it came to the final picks.

Curious to see if you’re on the list? Check out my picks below:

Thoughts on the Top Food Bloggers List

I’m going to give a very biased recommendation and mention that Married Food has 2 bloggers you can follow on Twitter – Wojo and myself. We love chatting online and we welcome your feedback and ideas.

Which bloggers have I missed? Which bloggers did I get right? If you’re a food blogger, besides your own site, what blogs would you recommend?

Photo Credit: epSos.de