5 Reasons to Cook and Freeze in Bulk

Most people eat to live, but I, for one, live to eat! Food is such a comfort, which is probably why I have some pounds to lose in the first place. In any case, food is definitely a necessity, and a balanced diet can go a long way. Unfortunately, we live in a society that never has enough hours in a day. So little time, so much to do has allowed fast food giants to succeed in loading us with fattening, unhealthy, processed meals. Home cooked meals taste better, feel better, and are better, but honestly, who has the time?

Cooking your food ahead of time and freezing for later has become more popular. We’re eating frozen dinners that we can pop in the microwave or oven anyways. Why not make your own where you control how much sodium and fat goes into it?

cook and free meals

Why Prepare Your Food By Freezing Meals

Here are 5 reasons to cook and freeze your food in bulk:

  • Save time: When you spend a day cooking multiple meals in bulk then freezing them, you’re ultimately saving hours of time. Sure, it may take you hours to slave in the kitchen preparing meals for the future, but you’re saving time on those days where you’re too exhausted to cook a healthy meal. Prep time and cooking time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can add up during the week, so having all of your meals complete ahead of time can be a relief, and free up time for family or more work.
  • Cater to cravings: Pregnant women aren’t the only ones with cravings. There’s some days that warrant barbecue while others call for breakfast for dinner. Preparing a variety of meals ahead of time can allow you to experience all the different cuisines you have in mind. If you haven’t had Chinese in a while, you can fit that into your meal plan. It’s completely up to you.
  • Save money: It’s easy to overspend if you don’t know how to shop for groceries. When you have specific items you need to buy, you’re focused on getting those items, getting a good deal, and getting out the store. You won’t have time, room in your cart, or the additional funds to get junk food that’s not on your list. You can cook only what’s in your budget, keeping the costs down and the savings up.
  • Save space: Ever go grocery shopping and run out of room in your refrigerator, freezer, or cabinets? Not a good feeling. When you cook and freeze in bulk, you can organize your food in a way where they’re in space efficient, labeled containers, freeing up space for more meals instead of staple items. There’s no feeling that compares to having a refrigerator full of condiments or a freezer of microwavable side dishes. Free up that space for real meals.
  • Portion control: For those of you who are weight challenged like myself, portion control is a key to weight loss. When you prepare your meals ahead of time, you can also control how much food you’re cooking. Most of us go back for seconds (sometimes thirds) when the food is available. If you only have so much food to begin with, you can’t get more.

There’s great sites that cater to cooking and freezing meals. My personal favorite is Once a Month Mom. You don’t have to do in such large quantities to supply you for a month. You can start with preparing meals for a week, even if it’s just for one meal to start.

Briana is a 20 year old newlywed Internet entrepreneur who’s trying to balance a household, a new career path, achieving financial freedom, and health simultaneously. You can find her blogging about her experiences at 20 and Engaged.

Photo Credit: armigeress