weekly CSA delivery

What Are We Going to Order from Our NC CSAs?

This week will see not one, but two deliveries. The Produce Box is starting its season and our membership with Carolina Grown has been processed. We’re going to get all ...

Another Community Supported Agriculture Option in NC

With spring coming we’re looking forward to another season with The Produce Box. We found it to be a great buy for us – not only saving money, but improving our family’s menu ...

the produce box delivery

Sign Up for The Produce Box This Season

The season is about to begin and if you’re in North Carolina, I highly recommend you check to see if The Produce Box is delivering in your area. They’re starting ...


food-processor kitchen tool

Overwhelmed? 9 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

One of the biggest struggles I had with learning my way around ...

Stop! Don’t Buy That Knife Set

Knives can be one of the most expensive tools in your kitchen, ...
cooking utensils

14 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

We all know about the basic things—cutting boards, serving dishes, the right ...

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toddler hummus dip

Expanding Your Baby and Toddler’s Palette with Dips

One of our favorite things to do with our toddler is introduce new foods and flavors. Sometimes, though, little ones can be hesitant to try something different. However now can be the best time for toddlers to expand their palettes. The bright colors of vegetables and fruits can entice some of the pickiest eaters to [...]

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Tips on Food and Wine Pairings

It’s no secret that drinking the right wine while dining enhances the flavor of the dish itself. The trick is to find the type of wine which will complement the dominant elements of a given meal. Basic guidelines by Food and Wine Pairing state that there are determinants to take into consideration before uncorking a [...]

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sweet ipa india pale ale

Honey I.P.A.

I’m not a big fan of most India Pale Ales (I.P.A.) since most are extremely bitter and to me most don’t have offer anything to balance it out.  My husband is a big fan of them so we’ve brewed a couple of batches. We mused around with a few recipes and one that we both [...]

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brooklyn brew shop beer kit

Testing and Making Small Batches of Beers

So we’ve been brewing quite a bit since we got started. I just finished a batch of Smoked Wheat last week and this past Saturday we went ahead and bottle our first batch, a Maple Brown Ale. Maybe you’re interested in getting started with home brewing, but perhaps you don’t want to jump all in and put [...]

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Getting Started with Homebrewing

We have recently added another kitchen activity to our cooking list – we brewing our own beer. after taking so many tours of breweries around the area, we thought it would be fun to try it out ourselves. We’ve busy this month with 3 brews fermenting right now. Getting started with brewing wasn’t expensive and [...]

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